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Built to last

At just 750 years of age, one of our towns is in its prime, the other is actually more than 1000 years old, and likewise in great shape - Waldshut-Tiengen welcomes you cordially. Both have noble origins. Waldshut was established by the mighty Habsburgs, whereas Tiengen proudly looks back even longer history as an Alemannic settlement and market town dating back to the Lords of Krenkingen. A town as well-established as this is happy to receive visitors and has much to show them. So take a stroll through two youthful and at the same time ancient towns ‚Äď enjoy the charm of the past in the tingling atmosphere of the present. The history of the double-town comes alive today in its magnificent features. The castle once belonging to the Earls of Sulz and the famous Barock church built by Peter Thumb majestically tower over Tiengen‚Äôs picturesque old streets. Waldshut‚Äôs Kaiserstra√üe situated between two striking gate towers emantes the splendour of its historical past under Austrian rule as an administrative centre along the Upper Rhine. Take it all in and you‚Äôll be enchanted by it.

Storks Tower
Storks Tower
Upper Gate
Upper Gate

The Storks Tower, an ancient watchtower incorporated in the town wall, is one of Tiengen‚Äôs well-known landmarks. It formerly served as a goal and later became the home of many stork families ‚Äď hence its name.‚ÄĚ

The keeper in the Upper Gate kept watch over the safety of the town. Today the local carnival society has its meetings in the Upper Gate which also offers a fantastic view over the town centre and Kaiserstraße.

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